Wednesday, January 13, 2010

kepaDe FolloWeR

saLam semua...pada y jd foLLower sini, aku memang jaraNg kat Just jiaH ni..hmm tP mcM besT r jusT jiaH ni..=D...bloG yg akU slalu update adalah ini-- sile2 lah berkunjunG.... blog ni aku wat khas untuk klas CADD ari tu aje pas tu tros snyap ... tQ

Monday, December 14, 2009

Journey Of my Life…

12 April 1986----I was born at about 12-1pm…its noon..=) they said whoever was born at the time when the sunlight is straight on your head, the boy or girl is stubborn and a bit naughty…well I guess its just a rumors and legend , not to be believed..…=P I was born in my house at Kg.Gu Demit, Kubang Kerian Kelantan. not in a hospital. im 4th from the 6 siblings..i am proud to be a daughter of Mr.Che Abd Rashid b.Che Musa and Mrs.Ramlah Hj. Said.. I was named Noor Najiah ,~~ the light of success =)

1992--- my 1st education started in taski Rifas Mardhiah (taman asuhan kanak-kanak islam) then I moved to besut, Terengganu…my parents hometown. Then I was enrolled to tadika kemas alor lintah…just across the road in front of my house…

1993---I started my primary school in SKAL (skolah kebangsaan alor lintah, besut). Till 1998 there are a lot of memory here and one of the bad one is the time when I was disappointed so much 4 not getting 5As in UPSR..i felt like it was the end of the world. Haha I felt terrible and embarrassed because I was one of the school expectation to get 5As…I guessed coz I play a lot and over confident. That is the best first lesson in my life . I never regret I got 3As and 2Bs in My UPSR..once I knew I got 3As and 2Bs I never go out of my house until the day of registering to Secondary school for form one. What a waste ha.. =)

1999--- I started to study in SMTM, sekolah Menengah Tengku Mahmud. One of the premiere school in my district. With the minimum qualification, Alhamdulillah I had the opportunity. Nowadays only student with 5As can go to that school. Here I got a lot of friends,,.they are still my friens till now. Mimie, Jannah, Nadia, Effa, Nija…and many more…but they are among the very good friend of mine..=)

2002—this is the 1st time in my life to stay far away from my parents. I started to learn on how good it is to be home..with your loved ones… a lot of Homesickness..MRSM penkalan Chepa, kota bharu Kelantan..u are the memorable one..2 years of full everything.. teenagers Life… I’ve learnt a lot from here also…short duration but with maximum superb experiences. Hostel life, breaking and making friendship, breaking and making rules (more to break them =P)…I think this is where I become a real person of my life.

2004 ---IIUM Matriculation Centre …here is te place where I Know the real people in the real world. thank you Allah im not the one who fall and run away from your path…thank you for the strength. This is also the place where I learnt more about knowing people not only by the outside looks. U have to really know them well. perception towards life also changed here…and it prepared me to the next step….. IIUM…2006 till now…and im going to finish my study In another 4-5months.insyaALLah. there are a wisdom that Allah created when my best friend from matriculation centre left me alone once we got to continue our degree. The went to private college to do medicine..Alyn and Mira..u are not forgotten. Alhamdulillah our friendship remains.. and now, in the final year, final semester of my degree study I got to know who are the real friend and who are the one I can’t be friend with… IIUM….its all about FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, and LIFE….thank you to everyone who teach such a good skills and knowledge that I may not get in any subject, which is :EXPERIENCE! the best teacher ever..